About Jamison

Jamison Namba.

I became a product designer because the field combines my interests and values in helping real people through iterative problem solving to create practical, research, and empathy based solutions.

My joy in creating experiences for others began early in my academic life and followed me into a professional career in event planning, client management, and account operations within the education and start-up technology industries.

Through my work experience in the last 5 years, I developed an immense gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity to work with a diverse array of people. Today, collaboration grounded in humility, respect, and equity is at the core of what I value.

With a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a minor in Public Health, I gravitate towards work that centers positive social and environmental impact. I am always looking for new opportunities to translate my design skills and experience in the physical space into a digital platform through product design.




Let's chat about inclusive product design, Figma tips and tricks, or Tarot as a mindfulness practice 🌱